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Reductions updated 8/16/18. We have gone through some of the older pages and reduced items that have been slow to move. So go to the search bar and search *REDUCED* see all the new markdowns! You can also find many killers deals in the bargain bin!

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SMG War Relics is dedicated to premium military collectibles. Our current inventory offers high quality militaria from ancient Japan through modern wars, with a major focus on WW2. We stock items from WWI and WWII for every major collecting niche. In our ever expanding and vast inventory you will find daggers, swords, documents, spare parts, patches, badges, stick pins, helmets, field gear, uniforms, flags, fighting knives, and special presentation pieces for WW1 and WW2, and many other conflicts. We carry all branches whether its Nazi era Luftwaffe, SS, SA, Kriegsmarine, NSKK, Heer or American G.I., Marine, Navy, Air Force…chances are we have something for you. To keep our inventory full with the very best pieces, we are constantly buying wartime memorabilia and militaria collectables. We buy arms and armor, Japanese Samurai swords, tantos, katanas, spare Tsubas and large collections chock full of German helmets and iron crosses and other awards. We also off high end military consignment for your items. We list it, sell it and ship it…you set the price and collect the check when it sells! At SMG War-Relics, customer service and integrity are our primary concern. We offer friendly service and are eager to hear from you! Send us an email today and experience what professionalism really means in the collectible weapons and war antiques industry We sell Nazi and 3rd Reich era tinnies

Featured Products

SMGP-1377 SS Cap Skull Unmarked Deschler 1100.00

The So called "closed ey

SMGP-1320 Student League Leader Buckle 750.00

A real sweet heart of a f

SMGP-1162 DRK helmet *ON LAYAWAY 795.00

DRK helmets with decals a

SMG Iron cross shirt 15.00

This cross is inspired by

SMGP-1039 Adolf Hitler Funeral Sash *ON HOLD 9500.00

A rare treat currently of

SMGP-1037 N.S. Frauenschaft Pennant *REDUCED 839.00

This is a very scarce pen

SMGP-719 Luftwaffe Shooting lanyard *REDUCED 120.00

This lanyard isn't perfec

SMGGB-1 $50 Grab Bag! Over $100 worth of stuff! 50.00

Ok, you remember grab bag

SGM-xxx Cased Bavarian Thaler *REDUCED 200.00

Gorgeous! You hardly ever

Latest Products

SMGP-1377 SS Cap Skull Unmarked Deschler 1100.00

The So called "closed ey

SMGP-1376 NSDAP Armband with price ticket 170.00

These are my favorite arm

SMGP-1367 Deutsche Jugen in front (hitler youth) 50.00

A hard to find booklet in

SMGP-1365 KDF Song Book 35.00

Here is a nice song book

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SMG War Relics is currently BUYING all types of military collectibles, specializing in WWI and WWII weapons.

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