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How do i purchase an item from SMG?

Since every item on the site is unique, its difficult to put a fully functioning shopping cart in place which will calculate shipping and control inventory.

This means, if you want to buy an item, just send us an email with the product description, item number and your information. You can pay by check (we will hold the item until your check clears). You can also pay by money order or paypal with your paypal linked email address. Our paypal email address is [email protected]. Please do not send us funds until you have contacted us, so that we can work out shipping charges. Once you have received a confirmation email back from us, we will put the item on hold until payment is made.

Does SMG War Relics buy memorabilia?

YES!  We buy memorabilia from both private collectors and from dealers as well.  Please contact us to sell your old relics, we have cash on hand.


How does your grading scale work?

First off, let me be clear that there is no sanctioned grading scale or accepted terms of condition in this hobby. Some even say there cant be a grading system because of the vast array of manufacturers, materials and techniques. I say bullshit to that. There will always be good, better, best and we need to know what’s what. Sure some firms always produced crap quality, then even a brand spanking new item from that firm is never going to grade better then “excellent”. And a mint condition late period medal may always grade lower then any early variety in similar condition. That’s the way I see it anyway.

We use our own scale which is a hybrid of baseball card, rare coin and my father’s (Chip Gambino) grading system. This system stems from the need to explain why a particular item is worth more or less then market value. Of coarse, market value is very subjective, as there is no regularly published price guide as there is in the coin business or baseball card business. Lets say you have a 2nd class war merit cross and you see them all over the place for sale for about $40. Many dealers don’t adjust for the condition. You don’t really know if you are getting a $40 cross or a $20 cross unless the pictures are good and you really know your crosses. If we have a war merit cross at $40 its likely going to grade “excellent” or “excellent +”. If we sell it for $20 its likely will grade as “satisfactory” or “good”. If we sell it for $60 it might be “near mint”.

Here is our grading scale from best to worse, we have assigned a number from 1-10 although we don’t use numbers when we grade.

10. Mint +
9. Mint
8. Near Mint
7. Excellent +
6. Excellent
5. Near Excellent
4. Good +
3. Good
2. Satisfactory
1. Poor

Remember, Chip was a professional grader for NGC rare coins. His eye for detail (down to the hairline scratch was ingrained in me and now has become part of the fabric for the SMG War Relics business.

We grade very conservatively. Meaning, we don’t say something is mint just because it looks nice. It really needs to be in perfect condition. Just because something is unissued or in its original package doesn’t make it mint.
Most items don’t qualify for this grade and when they do, there is a premium attached to them. Most dealers would call our “excellent” their “mint”. Plus grades (+) are really the best the item can possibly grade without being kicked to the next level. You might see a nice medal graded “excellent+” because it has a really nice strike or rich patina developing on it. Plus grades always have a little extra going for them in their respective grade. We reserve a “mint+” grade for that super rare factory new item that doesn’t even have any marks from the manufacturing process. Similar to a “10” on a old baseball card…they are virtually unheard of when discussing 80 year old items. “Near” grades are items in perfect condition for the grade below and so good they almost qualify for the next grade up. There is usually only a ever so small detail or mark that holds it back from a full grade. Grades of “satisfactory” are usually not so hot looking. They may have some damage, or bad rust or a combination. A grade of “poor” is just what it sounds like. Ground dug items would qualify for a “poor” grade.

All this being said, we don’t assign a grade to everything. We usually do it for items that we have several of, or rare and special items.

-Dante Gambino

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