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Why does all your stuff say "SOLD"

Well, that’s the idea isn’t it? No, but seriously it’s annoying as hell to search through a militaria site and see nothing but SOLD products. So why are they there and how can you avoid looking at them in the first place? Well, when I built this site I knew we needed to keep the sold stuff available to see for reference by collectors, and myself. Wouldn’t it be a shame to not have access to all the things that have passed through this site? So once sold, they get placed in the “SOLD ARCHIVE”. Now, this has to be done manually, so sometimes we don’t get to move the items over to this section right away..might take a few weeks.

99 times out of 100, the person who is complaining that “All your stuff says SOLD” isn’t using the search feature properly. If you go to our search bar and search “iron cross 2nd class” and you don’t change the drop down menu from “everywhere” to “unsold products”, you are going to have to sort through EVERY GODDAMN Iron cross 2nd class that’s been on this site!

LOL DUDE IT’S EASY! Just use the drop down selection “unsold products”!

Now, if you are browsing by category, be default, you are only going to see what items are still available (except for the recently sold items that we haven’t moved to the sold archive).

Does all this make sense? Did you go try it? It works good, I promise!


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